5 Gold Leaf Projects That Will Put A Twinkle in Your Eye

Lately I have been experimenting a lot with gold leaf. It’s a new obsession. I have been doing most of my experiments with painting and art so I decided to go to pinterest for some inspiration for other gold leaf projects. I have found some really great DIYs that I may just have to borrow for future projects with all this leftover gold leaf I now have. So here are five of my favourite finds that vary in difficulty from sitting down with a coffee and crafting to I need some time, patience, and wine to get this done.
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Faux Watercolor Mugs

Let me start this post by saying I really like watercolor. Watercolor theme, watercolor watermark, watercolor art, watercolor anything. I literally learned to paint with watercolor before I began school (credit to my grandmother). So the more things I can decorate with a watercolor-ish design the better. For these really easy mugs I used a nail polish technique I am sure we all remember – water marbling. Let’s get started. Continue reading

A Canadian Blizzard & A Siberian Husky

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but here in Canada, we get a lot of snow. Yesterday, in fact, was the first blizzard of the winter and we got nearly forty centimeters of snow, and the visibility was basically zero. Continue reading

DIY: Industrial Media Console

Recently, I have been trying to reorganize my bedroom so that I can fit a lot of stuff into a small space. However, I have been purging some of the things I didn’t like anymore in order to motivate me to get ‘er done. Most recently, I have finished a pipe media console. Continue reading

Merry & Bright

Okay, so, here is my first blog post and (so far) favourite Christmas project! Like, I am really excited about this one, and kind of want to make it again. As you can only imagine, I found this post on pinterest. Here you will find my inspiration from abeautifulmess. Anyways, I really liked this but it wasn’t exactly on point with my style.. which is why I love DIY. So I tweaked it a bit and this is what I came up with! Continue reading